DEADLY DANCE CLASS : Episode 15 – Liverpool

Video Topic: DancesSeason 1

Music: “Goin’ All Out” by The Last Kinection

7 Responses to “DEADLY DANCE CLASS : Episode 15 – Liverpool”

  1. robby

    iam hoping that it is a mistake you have two melb clips were is the liverpool clip thses kids are looking forward to there clip

  2. paul wright

    that dance was awsome. I loved it that much i did it . i did it that much that
    i watch it over ,over,over,over,over,over,over again.i watch it that much that i sill remember the AWSOME MOVES reallygood.

  3. brooke

    You know you guys you could travel all around the world teaching the peeps how to do that dance
    well it was nice talking to ya
    got to go mums calling me



  4. brooke

    dances are awsome
    can i be one please meine

  5. judy

    Hey guys just seen this and it looks great. I have a crew in wagga and just wondering if yous could come and show the kids some more moves it is a bunch of high school kids that go around and perform in front of primary school kids.??? what do ya think..