DEADLY DANCE CLASS : Episode 16 – Darwin

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Music: “Possum Dub” by Desert Pop Lock

7 Responses to “DEADLY DANCE CLASS : Episode 16 – Darwin”

  1. sandy7370

    friend of mine saw this programme on abc3 with her grandaughter in brisbane – they love dancing along to it – she showed me; another mate is on the katherine crew (so I am hoping I can grab him for moral as we get the kids into dancing); as are family of friends so we hopefully can network a bit in Katherine and increase the participation. The dance steps are broken down really well so anyone can suss it out and do it, a Kiwi dad in my family reckons the show is great, he teaches his kids from it, he is a former breakdance champ in nz so that is a recommendation I reckon. I am gonna use this programme to liven up daily fitness with my class and to inspire us for class concerts here in Katherine. Excellent programme, keep it going!

  2. Kate

    Just wanted to say how great I think this show is, I hadn’t seen it before today! I think it is great how you are encouraging kids to exercise more, in a fun and entertaining way, aswell as educating young people about indigenous coulture! Keep it Up! 🙂

  3. mickayla

    deadly dancing i always watch this show
    its my favourite show

  4. Dale King

    Hi Guys,
    I watched your awesome show for the first time about 6 weeks ago.
    I am not one of your mob but I teach young kids a program called ‘Funky Fitness’ which includes children from all nationalities that are living and learning with us and in our schools. I think your vision, and commitment to what you are to achieving is so cool.
    Thankyou for being here. You guys are one of the only reasons to watch television.
    Loving what you do.

  5. Tina

    your deadly brahhh. i love this show. Melodie and I like dancing and learning your dance you have put together.